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Top 5 Digital Marketing strategies

I think every business need a website to know more about you as well as your actual business. The website should be relevant and user friendly for the customer, on that they can easily find what you are selling; otherwise they will bounce back from your website.

Just Having a website is also not good sign of online business you need to more upon power designing easy to reflect for eye and making it more attractive that user can stick on it and more legible. Once you made as I suggest you then you can possibly made a customer to travel where you want to drive.

I am Jayesh Pawar today! I am going to discuss how small business or new business owners can grow their business online with the help of basic digital marketing strategies


So, now you have made plan for website and next is you have to be good at making promotion of your website and make it more visible on search engine but How?

I this case you need to take a help of expertise who is actually digital marketing consultant[internal link to your profile] if you were unable to do It correctly. It’s all upon search engine optimization we call it SEO.

SEO help your website to visible on Google’s 1st page also it help to find your website if somebody searching it on any search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Online Advertisement 

Once you have made your beautiful business website now it’s time to become a famous and create your business awareness through online advertising. There has a multiple platforms are available like all social media, video based platform and text or info graphics based blogs and articles to make your business introduction more strong.

To having a powerful branding of your business[link to brand article ] that help to you get a maximum likes share[how to get more like and share] which apparently help you more visible in your niche market place.

If you consistently have been good at online advertising you find a relevant customer and their interaction insist you to increase leads[link to how to increase lead]. So however somebody searching for same product or services on Google search engine your ad will possibly appear on those particular search keywords, so you will get more clicks on your websites [link to how to get more click on website] and it’s so cheap in cost you just have to pay for ad clicks and one time for 1000 impressions.

So all set you get maximum and relevant click through the online advertising and n sure for the customer leads as well.

Event Marketing

One of the most impactful and resultant marketing strategy [1st blog link] for business is event marketing. If you want to people talk about your business then event marketing is the best option to have more awareness as well as customer engagement[customer engagement techniques].

People love to visit events and get surprised with unknown things which they never had experienced before. Once you get managed to do these things in business event then probably you have huge chances to make your business name higher.

For example if you have started a new business and you have been planning for an event. If you want to organize into the public sector area then organize some interesting games and

Create an offer for all participants, so there has a more chances to involve many of public and they will get benefited with a price and for participants get amazing offers from your company.

But that offer must be selling your product or services[how to increase your sell] so simply behind this think I generally prefer to do this cause on this kind of events am not only refreshing them but also selling my client’s product or services to the public

And it tends to become my fixed customer because in return of I am giving them a best purchasing offer of my client’s business.

Offer Strategy:

Introducing a new business or maintaining huge customer and to be consisted with a customer you should be apply offer strategy in your business marketing. In spite of sticking with one proper selling price tag just make offer which is different from others.

And help to capture attention of customer[how to blog] so they can easily lookout into it and also create  chance to grab the opportunity within the time limit of expired offer.

Offer strategy come up with new idea, the idea which strike customer brain to have try or use that particular offer as surprise bomb. Yee yuppie!!

The expectation of customer is to get something special or huge but in free of cost so you can add on this kind of mindset into your actual sales.

Just offer surprise gift them like buy one get one free, 50% Cash Back offer on product or services, buy or win exciting gifts and much more I have many ideas like this[link to business promotion idea blog ] make your product or service more visible to the customer.

Story Telling Technique:

People love stories whether it would be present with legible format or into video format if the story has a catchy content[how to write catchy content] it always impact on viewers or buyers.

Story always matters and has a strong communication bonding between buyer and seller,

People have 80% positive chances to trust on your story and you as well. It would not imagine how important and trust worthy is it.

More or less in marketing when people have attention towards you from the base of any reason they listen to you with 100% present.

So you can easily explain them and also understand them and sell your product and services that would have accurate chances to be on track to make these [link to blog how..] visitors become your customer for very long time.

Although what happen generally marketers just talk with people about their product feature and advantages but it has very less chances to grab as a customer even for single time as off.

So making your visitor as a your customer is very important through the story telling technique [blog link ]and it will works absolutely and definitely.


Many of marketer or business persons don’t have an idea about how internet is powerful in marketing fields. Many of business getting good return in case of where they are investing and earning lots and lots of quality customer online. So above we have discuss how to grab an opportunity to be on top with the help of digital marketing strategies