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TOP 5 content marketing strategy

Content marketing is one of thebest method to attract customer. Customer always want something new to get on it, so your have better chance to grab his or her attention and introduce your selling material.

If you have an out of box idea to sell your content then you get lot of visitors on your website or business page to know about your business.

So today we going to learn about how to increase visitors on your blog post or business page with the help of content maketing.

Step by step process to understand content marketing

Find Nich :-

Master it and be the go to person in it. Differentiate yourself from the rest and don’t just be like everyone else. Use break-out term from googles terms

When you starting your first blog or any kind of content you want to be introduce publically then you must have master in one topic we called it niche topic.

The amount of traffice is on waiting for new content and also google require for new content regulerly so you have brod opportunity to share your content and get focused.

You just have to focus on one type of contnet format only

Yes! You will be notised by people on what kind of content you are presenting to them. So wether that content would belike

  1. AUDIO formanted like audio podcasting, audio library, radio etc
  2. Text formated content type have good response to read about something special and provide help with good quality suggesion and thought about the particular nich.
  3. Video formated contant is all time favoright for people because video making and video viralilty increasing day by day with high ratio. So their has more chances to share your content and watched by people.


Text, Audio,Video,etc. pick One and focus on that. Don’t try to add more untile one is widly successful and can be automated.


Whts the platform

Itunes blogs amazon etc where  is your home based for focusing on that one type of content?

Text – WordPress blog , medium , guest posting

Audio – itune podcsts radio

Videos- You tube , dailymotion , video blog.


You must be consistant in creating new content about your nich that would help you to provide always something new to your visitors.

Regulerly uploading new content help you to become master in area, so visitors also trust on you to providing unique and fresh knowledge to them.

Set an oppointment with your audience on a dialy basis. Publish content at the same time everyday, so readers look forward to it and expect it.

If you are fullfilling readers need and showing them what actully they expect from your blog post or video series or any kind of podcasting you will become perfect solution for them.

Focus on gaming subscribers

You consistanatly publishing a good quality content to your visitors but every time they the visitor stength will not be  same.

To manage your visitor you have to add subscription form onto content area and ask them for email id, that would help to reach your content directly to the reguler visitors on their using email id.

Keep your audience coming back for more and send them offers by collecting their email address.

Image of Subscription

Focus on extending reach

While publishing content you should know what actully visitors need you can search on many of forums related website to know about visitor need.

Diversify and expand. After mastering one form of content or one very specific niche in your industry, start looking at expanding into other areas you feel your business could leverage its success in.

You should Ask your audience what they want

What would your audience buy? Don’t build a product and then try to get an audience to buy it. Build up audience,develop a good relationship with them add then use survey, call , social media, ect. To ask them what they want. Then, develop the product or services tailored to their needs.