The young entrepreneur having 7 years of experience in web technology and digital marketing field. I started my career in 2013 when I was in a collage. I started building website for small business and help them to create their presence online.
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Digital Marketing First of all You Need To Learn

You should learn to use website performance tools and analyse the current working status of your website. That may help you to guide you about the condition of the website.

On the basis of the current scenario, you should able to make the best digital marketing plan for any business. Learn those expertise level of making marketing strategies.

To run a successful business you need to create visibility on each digital platform. Learn to create a brand of any business through the optimum strategies. which help to have customer trust and maintain spanking ORM

Learn to Analyse business growth through various techniques and tools. Create and provide weekly/monthly reports to the client to having clear transparency.

Grow Digitally! Let customer find your business online 🙂


Accurate planning helps successful execution


Best marketing strategy take your business at next level!


keep on Optimization helps in business growth


Researches keeps you updated with current trends in Market


Observe your ongoing results and plan for next

I only have nice words for this team of experienced and talented people. I am fully satisfied with final result.

Crystal Cole

Amazing experience with wonderful group of people who know their jobs well and are one of the best in the business.

Jeffrey Baker

I have only the best to say about this company. They are always on time, and always fulfill the expectations entirely.

Catherine Walker
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Digital Marketing Courses In Akurdi PCMC

Digital Jayesh Internet Marketing Academy is perfect for those who are seeking a opportunity to make a career in Digital Marketing as well as for thoese who want to start or grow therir buiness online. Now a days for entrepreniur, It’s a much require thing to having presence online with the product or service content.

How Digital Jayesh has started

I was Bit of passionate about the website designing during so far started wondering about what next ..

Leaders in our line of work

Taking an appropriate action alway take at top of the table all you just need to..

We know what we do best

Personally I always try to do something new and special for the existing clients which is great for me to help them out in a new way..

Next Generation Leadership

Having a perfect game plan for upcoming days its always produce opportunity to play in upfront at the market level.

Why Digital Jayesh is Best for Your Growth

To be there amongst the quality, one has to assume and act exclusively than others. “THINK OUT OF THE BOX” is what everyone needs to be! Digital Trainee does precisely that and strives to offer one of the excellent Digital Marketing Trainig Institute in Pune.

Digital Marketing Overview
Search Engine Optimisation
Google Search Console
Local SEO
Audio SEO
Inbound Marketing Technique
Content Marketing
Website Creation
App Creation
Appstore Optimisation
Search Engine Marketing
Online Display Adverting
Mobile Marketing
Video Marketing
Remarketing & Conversion
Social Media Optimisation
Facebook Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Linkedin Marketing
Instagram Marketing
Social Media Automation
What’s Up Marketing
Google & Attacks
Google Analytics
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Online Reputation Mgmt
Making Money Via Adsense
Youtube SEO & Medicines
Affiliate Marketing
Freelancing Projects
Lead Generation
Canva Graphic Designing
Viral Marketing
Growth Hacking Using DM
Influencer Marketing
Entrepreneurship For Business
Management & People Skills
Leadership Fundamentals
Master Planning
Public Relation
Start-Up Planing
Start-Up Strategy
Personal Branding Using DM
Media Planning
Marketing Hacks
Tik-Tok Marketing
Quora Marketing
Audio SEO
Snapchat Marketing
Chat Bot Marketing
Sales Training

Expert Designed Practical Digital Marketing Courses for Professionals, Business Owners & Job Seekers

Presenting you with, expertly designed completely practical oriented Digital Marketing courses in Pune, from Digital Trainee. Such is the structure of the Digital Marketing training program that it best suits and serves the needs of Job Seekers, Business Owners and Professionals alike. While the knowledge and skills gained as a part of this training program can help job seekers in getting a job, business owners can use it for the growth of their business, while professionals can use it as an add on skill-set.

Job Seeker

Recruiters from the field of Digital Marketing expect a particular set of skills and practical knowledge from the job seekers. Here comes a Digital Marketing course in Pune from Digital Trainee, that precisely trains you in aspects which the industry demands. Therefore, as you walk out, you are industry ready in the true sense of the word. A Digital Marketing professional that the industry is looking for. So, book your seats now, and let the employers come looking for you!

Business Owners

Digital Trainee, a leading Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune, has come up with a comprehensive Digital Marketing course that is designed keeping in mind the business owners as well. Learn the Digital Marketing essentials along with their application for businesses, and implement them to meet your business goals successfully and in quick time. Digital Marketing, the only way to make your business rule online! So, master it with Digital Trainee, and watch your business grow and prosper!

Working Professionals

Working professionals now have a chance to hone that add-on skill that would take their career places. Yes, we are talking about Digital Marketing. In these times, no profession has been able to escape Digital Marketing. Having knowledge and skills of the same would help professionals in one way or the other. A BOOST factor for your existing career!<br /> So, enroll for Digital Trainee's intensive Digital Marketing Classes in Pune, and experience for yourself!

Best 50 Premium Digital Marketing Modules

Learn Digital Marketing with Amazing Bunch of 50 Modules.

1. Digital marketing overview
4. Local SEO
7. Content Marketing
10. App-Store Optimisation
13. Mobile Marketing
16. Social Media Optimisation
19. Linkedin Marketing
22. Google & Attacks
25. SMS Marketing
28. Youtube SEO & Medicines
31. Lead Generation
34. Growth Hacking With Using DM
37. Management & People Skills
40. Public Relation
43. Personal Branding Using DM
46. Tik-Tok Marketing
49. Snapchat Marketing
2. Search Engine Optimization
5. Audio SEO
8. Website Creation
11. Search Engine Marketing
14. Video Marketing
17. Facebook / Instagram Marketing
20. Social Media Automation
23. Google Analytics
26. Online Reputation Management
29. Affiliate Marketing
32. Graphic Designing Using Canva
35. Influencer Marketing
38. Leadership Fundamentals
41. Start-Up A Plan & Strategy
44. Media Planning
47. Quora Marketing
50. Chat Bot Marketing
3. Google search console
6. Inbound Marketing Technique
9. App Creation
12. Online Display Adverting
15. Remarketing & Conversion
18. Twitter Marketing
21. What’s Up Marketing
24. Email Marketing
27. Making Money Via Adsense
30. Freelancing Projects
33. Viral Marketing
36. Entrepreneurship For Business
39. Master Planning
42. Sales Training
45. Marketing Hacks
48. Audio SEO

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